Dual Laser Parking System

by Mike

Dual Laser Parking System
If you’ve got a garage, you know that navigating into it is hard. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but you try parking in a very tight spot while maneuvering away from all sorts of bikes, balls, wagons, rackets, bats, gloves, etc. Maybe you’ve got that whole process down, but for those who don’t, do yourself a favor and get the Dual Laser Parking system.

Unfortunately, this system won’t actually park your car, but it does give you some help. As soon as a car enters the garage, the built in motion sensors activate the laser. This laser beam will guide you into the perfect spot, along the way avoiding any obstacles. Yep, no more hitting trash cans and bikes, and there will be enough space for people to get through to the door, and for the trunk to open even with the garage door closed. Now that you know exactly, well almost exactly, where each car will end up, you can always know whether or not the bike or storage bin is going to get hit before it’s to late. The end result is a nicely organized garage with laser beams!

Hmm, it all sounds good you say, but how hard will it be to install this laser beam parking contraption? Pretty easy actually, no wiring is required. A few screws, nails, and a hammer might be necessary though. Power wise, you can either use the included 110 volt AC adapter, or 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Besides helping you park, the Dual Laser Parking System actually gives you the right to say you have lasers in your garage. Plus, it’s not hundreds of dollars, only $40.

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