3D Scanning – The ZScanner 700

by Fred


Just 29,900 you too can scan in anything and everything!

Z corportation (the people that bring you the awesome Z-axis 3d printer).
Have designed a scanner to work in cooperation with their great 3d rapid prototypers. Together, they form a rudimentary, yet, complete low-level replicator (as long as whatever you want to have made is made of their plasticish material.

Do you have a use for a 3d scanner, probably not. However, this is one of the coolest things you’ll see for a bit,, OH YEAH! (Thank you Cool Aid Man!) A 3d scanner is what designers who make the cool stuff use (if their company will buy one for them).

Typically data from sketches that designers create use a regular photo scanner to input data (if any) directly into computers to use as backgrounds while making their 3d models. As most designers create foam models, and the like prior to making actual computer models, having a handy 3d scanner can make the hours of 3d modeling inputs (typically from a day for a cute little bowl properly surfaced, to months for a fancy car) can cut modeling time for complex parts drastically.

People can use these scanners for a variety of purposes: from simple 3d models for animation and movies, to reverse engineering (taking stuff apart to see how it was made), to scanning parts of people, to “custom grow” prosthetic parts for a perfect match for a new hip, or fake foot, to archeology and museums for storing the size, and shapes of fine antiques, and specimens for digital archiving and comparison to other similar pieces of history.

Either way, if you’ve got a paltry $39,900.00 burning a hole in your pocket and want a sweet new way to input digital 3d models, try the Zscanner700.

By the way,, 700? What’s that about? Why don’t companies explain why they use numbers, or at least give an explanation of the model numbers? To me they always sound dumb. Oh well, Cheers!

Further info over at ZCorp.

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ali malek Says: May 19, 2009 at 3:44 am

we actually need to replace hand measuring of 3d objects with new thechknowlogy in softwares like mdt and solidworks and we need to get an igs and stp files like mdt from your device for decoding in cnc carving machine.

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