RoadWarrior – scanner for pros?

by Tiago

Road Warrier
The RoadWarrior is a portable and small scanner full of high-tech and everything else that a gadget must have, including extra software that you probably won’t use much and is not related to the product itself. It is made by Visionner and they claim that it is supposed to be used by the mobile professional, whatever that means… I find it hard to see a so called professional walking around with a scanner as part of his luggage, as small as it might be – 2×1.5×11.4-inches – it’s not small enough to carry around; and 10 ounces can be considerable weight for the modest “mobile professional”. On top of that just imagine all the bumping that might occur when traveling and carrying the scanner… the included travel bag might offer some protection but I believe that scanners of this type are very fragile and can get damaged easy.

So, now to the good things. The RoadWarrior has plenty of features when comparing with its small size, so this proves that the usual saying “Size doesn’t matter” is true (or not…). Anyway, the warrior is able to scan all kinds of paper including “Receipts, Business Cards, Documents” and more. Their slogan – Your Solution For A Paperless Road – wants to transmit that same idea, that you don’t need paper when you have all the stuff on digital format.

The extra software that I previously mentioned is stuff like the Presto! Bizcard, it is able to gather information from business cards and afterwards import it to a Outlook, PDA, etc. One piece of software that must be worth something is the ScanSoft, makes it easy to organize the photos because it can create thumbnails for PDF, Word and Excel files.

RoadWarrior price tag is $200 and is available at Visioner.

[found at: EverythingUSB ]

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Eddie Says: November 1, 2006 at 5:53 am

Unfortunately, the RoadWarrier scanner is only Windows compatible, and will not work with Mac OSX.
Thus, it is an obsolete product only working with a dying OS.

Tiago Says: November 1, 2006 at 12:20 pm

A dying OS? That is a harsh word for Windows ;P

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