Glider Mouse looks like Air Ping Pong handle


glider-mouse.jpgBring some much needed relief to your beleaguered wrist with this revolutionary ergonomic Glider Mouse from Hela. It does not look like any ordinary mouse at all, instead it takes on the shape of one of those air ping pong handles that you find at a local seedy arcade nearby. The Glider Mouse aims to provide you with the optimal working posture (no, slouching in a La-z-Boy chair is definitely not it) via the central mouse position, practically eliminating the potentially painful motion of moving your hand over to use the mouse. Since it is placed in the center and comes in a uniform design, both left- and right-handers are able to use it without running into any incompatibility issues.

Once the Glider Mouse has been plugged into any available USB port, you are ready to start living a healthier, more ergonomic computing lifestyle. Users will immediately realize vast improvements in productivity courtesy of the new position of the click buttons and scroll wheel. The pointing device itself will glide effortlessly across the pad like an Olympic ice skating champion in the rink. With up to a dozen configurable switches to suit individual needs, you can be sure that the Glider Mouse will bring nothing but positiveness to your user experience.

Unfortunately, while you might actually have fun at work with this newfangled device, gamers are advised to steer clear of the Glider Mouse as it simply doesn’t make sense to play games from that position. The Glider Mouse is a tad pricey at £149 though, but it does come with a limited 2-year warranty with each purchase.

Source: Ubergizmo

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