Fall Cleanup Gadgets

by Mike

The Leaf Roller
It’s that time of the year again. Sundown is at 5ish, and the leaves are coming down fast. Don’t get your rake out just yet, not before you’ve looked at these next few gadgets that will help you with the de-leafing process. 🙂

First up is the lawn sweeper. This weird looking contraption picks up all the leaves, debris, and grass clippings as your roll over them. Captured leaves are then stored in the back of the roller until you’re ready to dump them, or, better yet, put them in your newly bought leaf shredder. – $150

The Leaf Shredder
An 8 amp, thermally protected motor is built into the electric shredder, which can be mounted onto a trash can or bag, making for simple disposal of all your leaves. The end result is fitting about 8 times more leaves in each bag than had you not used the electric shredder. For those credit card and bank statements, the Leaf Shredder handles paper, wet or dry, too! – $150

The Leaf Lift and Toss
People with bad backs will appreciate this next gadget, the Leaf Lift and Toss. Slipping the included bag support sleeve onto any trashcan keeps it wide open for all the leaves you’re dumping in. Then, the clamshell gripper allows you to easily pick up large amounts of leaves without doing much work at all. – $30

Our last leaf cleaning gadget is the Guttertongs. With its 12 foot reach, you’ll easily be able to grab any debris out of your gutters without ever stepping foot onto a ladder. – $30

Buying all of these gadgets is a bit excessive. If you’re willing to spend that much, just hire someone to do the work for you. Picking up one or two of these, however, is a nice way to make the fall leaf clean up a bit easier.

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