What does Mr. Roboto drink? Gel-Bot,,mmmm,

by Fred

Gel BotHi, I’m Fred, I’m an Industrial Designer in the Bay Area here in California. You guessed it, I’m the newest guy on the team here at coolestgadgets.com. Look for my stuff on a daily basis. I’ll be focusing on the cool, the neat, the useful, the simple, the complex, and the mildly outrageous from a designers point of view.

And now for the bloggy goodness; To begin I’m going to take a tiny step back in time for something you may have missed, and yet is a wonderful piece of tech. It was brought to my attention a bit ago by my friend Justice (He’s part owner in the great bike shop Wheels of Justice“)

I’m really wishing I’d had this with me last night and Friday night. I went for late evening mountain bike rides, on an 8 mile loop in the nearby woods (I’ll try and review some bike lights here later this week, as I’ve recently gotten back into night riding on my mountain bike). It’s a high energy ride, and I go through a ton of water (ok about 2 liters for a simple ride), but I’d go through a bit less if I bothered to bring an energy gel or two. With these awesome water bottles, the gel is placed in the middle of the bottle, and depending on how you open it you can get either, water, gel, or both! It is really easy to load and clean, and it works just by giving it a little squeeze (the gel is thick you know).

The Gel-bot is the perfect tool for bikers looking to bring their energy gel with them (and not coat their fingers and gloves in that sticky goo that always appears when using gel energy packs.) It is also perfect for commuters, if you think an energy gel is breakfast that is, but sometimes, that’s better than what you’re having anyway (breakfast nirvana is a fine americano and a croissant so you can figure it can’t be any worse than what I already like).

I hope this, and my many posts in the future are informative, useful, or at least make milk come out of your nose.

Further info: Gel Bot
Available from: NetSuite

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