The Freeze Alarm

by Mike

The Freeze Alarm
People tend to worry about their homes when their away; it’s a normal thing to do. Nobody wants to come home and find that a pipe has burst and you don’t have any water, or the power has been out for days. Peace of mind is worth a good deal of money to people, and the Freeze Alarm capitalizes on that fact.

Admittedly, the Freeze Alarm itself looks like it’s from the 80s, but besides that, it’s a pretty cool device. On to what it does, whenever the temperature in your home falls below or above a certain level which you set (from -49 F to 199F) the Freeze Alarm will dial up to 3 numbers with a pre-recorded message warning you of the possible danger. With that warning, it should be enough for you to rush home and avoid any heat or pipe damage. Phone calls can be made with either pulse or tone dials in intervals of 15 minutes or 2 hours and it will ring either 3 or 10 times.

With the $200 price tag and the 80s esque design, the Freeze Alarm seems to leave a bit to be desired. However, the peace of mind that it undoubtedly offers is probably worth it for people who travel frequently and leave their house alone for long periods of time. I just hope the electronics in there are modern enough to handle more than 15 seconds of recording. Get your Freeze Alarm just in time for the cold winter ahead from Brookstone.

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TRCunning Says: November 1, 2006 at 1:24 pm

When I read the name of this product my first thought way of an alarm clock that sprayed you with cold air to wake you. (It even kind of looks like an clock radio.)

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