Alphacool LCD display extends desktop


alphacool.jpgPicture this scenario – you’re running too many applications on your desktop that your screen real estate is not large enough to display every single window that you want to see. Or imagine yourself as a prima donna blogger who has more RSS feeds to go through than you can shake a stick at, and yet you do not want to constantly switch between windows as the distraction will disrupt your train of thought. Getting a larger monitor won’t help either, hence the introduction of the Alphacool LCD display as a secondary monitor. For $240, you get a fully programmable 240 x 128 pixel display.

The Alphacool LCD display is connected to your computer via USB and is capable of displaying basic information such as system data, remaining system resources available, CPU load and temperature, and memory usage statistics. With the proper know-how, you can even program the Alphacool to display other information intensive items such as incoming e-mail, updated news feeds, and even your current playlist on Winamp.

This nifty display comes with a 3m long cable that provides you with the freedom to place it virtually anywhere around your workspace. The Alphacool LCD display comes in a solid satin stainless steel case with a detachable monitor base that can be viewed in a portrait position. The beta version of the Alphacool LCD display is now available for download, and no prior programming language is required as the software follows an intuitive drag and drop model. You can now have a fragging session in the office while keeping an eye on incoming work-related e-mails with the Alphacool.

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