iPulse Bear offers light and sound show


ipulse-bear.jpgIf you’re scratching your head what to buy for a kid with just $50 in your pocket, perhaps the iPulse Bear Speaker System will be a wise choice, leaving you with a smile on your face and some loose change in your pocket to boot. This cute little bear will bring the disco experience home, featuring a kangaroo-like pouch on his belly that will keep your iPod or any other digital audio player securely. Turning the iPulse Bear on (somehow that doesn’t sound quite right) requires one to just squeeze the paw.

The iPulse Bear is clothed in a high-tech fabric mesh instead of a furry covering as found in most other bears, but then again this is a very different kind of soft toy. It comes with green, blue, and red LED lights on each paw which are capable of pulsing according to the rhythm, frequency, and volume of the currently playing track. This means you can boot out the retro shiny disco ball from your room as the iPulse Bear is more than capable of putting up a mesmerizing sound and light show.

This device targets mainly kids and will have an average audio quality, so audiophiles would do well to skip picking this up. For $39.95, you won’t really expect much anyway. The iPulse Bear Speaker System is powered by a quartet of C batteries for portable use, or it can remain seated by your pillow while connected to a wall power outlet via an AC adapter.

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