Apple Patent Says Adios to iPod’s Click Wheel?

by Marie

No Click Wheel
If it weren’t for that click wheel, the iPod would probably be less symbolic. Consider, for example, navigating the iPod via the touch screen. Or, finding barely visible buttons on the frame of the display. Apple has apparently been experimenting and filing patents for this type of navigation control for quite some time now, but the patent only got published last Thursday. From the looks of it, we’d soon be watching more videos from our iPods and playing songs less often.

It isn’t really a black or white concept. Apple’s been looking into a hybrid, just to appease you guys who’ve fallen so faithfully for the click wheel. If this hybrid sees the light of day, we’ll be seeing a virtual wheel in the touch screen and a bunch of other navigation controls in the display frame as well. The perfect reason for this, according to Apple, is that the display ought to take more space in the device, and the click wheel is indeed going to get in the way.

And if it does see the light of day, expect something more freakish features in the iPod versions of the future. In the patent diagram, Apple showed that the iPod would have a sensor that will detect whether you’re lying down or standing up. The text, display images, and touch screen controls would change horizontally or vertically and adapt to your spatial orientation. Neat!

Apple didn’t confirm, however, whether the new features will be included in all the iPods or in the latest video-playing versions only.
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