Color Max

The Color Max
As you get older, and your eyes get worse, it becomes harder and harder to read the fine print on the backs of books, medicine bottles, receipts, or even magazines. Reading glasses are a good choice, but may not be powerful enough for you; in that case, you may have to resort to the Color Max to read that kind of stuff.

It’s about the size of a standard computer mouse and actually is used just like one. Instead of controlling your computer though, it will magnify text as much as 28 times, however you can select lower magnifications. Magnified text will appear either on a TV screen or a computer monitor; both take only seconds to hook up using the included 12 foot video cable.

No matter the text, it will end up being clearly magnified, even if it’s on a curved surface thanks to the different types of viewing modes built in. You can choose photo, high contrast positive, and high contrast negative modes. Each mode is great for a specific purpose; it just takes some experimenting on your own part to find out what.

With a price of $450, you need to ask yourself if the Color Max is really worth that much money. Maybe you should just bump up the prescription on your glasses, or give up reading entirely. However, for those people who find it helps them out every day, it’ definitely worth it.

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