HMD800 – Head Mounted Display for iPod and others

by Tiago

HMD800 - Head Mounted Display

If you remember and enjoyed yesterday’s post about the Teleglass, you will probably like this one as well because both products are on the same category. The HMD800 actually costs less and is already available for purchase, those are the 2 bonus points.

The Head Mounted Display (HMD) works with iPods, DVD Players, Gaming Systems, and any other device that features a AV output. Its function is to reproduce the image that is being played on your device, into a 30-inch virtual theater-like image that you can see while wearing the glasses.

It comes with a 2.1-track Dolby surround-sound stereo earphone, so the movies that you plan on watching will have a kind of decent quality – I mean that instead of the sound being qualified as very bad, it is going to be just normal. Funny enough, it is the same sound system used on the Quasicades. The battery used is the Hi-capacity Lithium type, when full charged it is suppose to handle 8 hours of continuous playing mode, which I consider to be good for a device like this.

I can see this being used by people that travel a lot by train, or bus. They just put plenty of movies and series on the iPod/PSP/other small portable device and enjoy the show while other people get bored to death.

The HMD800 is currently available for $200 + $39 of shipping costs, it is made by an Australian company called 22Moo – their logo includes a cow that goes along with the moo on their name.

Check more HMD800 photos at Gizmag

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