Control your shower wirelessly

Wireless Shower System
The perfect way to start your morning would be to have your hot morning shower already started. Unfortunately the only way for most people to achieve this luxury is to have someone wake up a few minutes before you do and start the shower manually. Good luck finding someone for that job.

Of course, if you’ve got the cash for a Grohtherm wireless shower system, you’ll be able to enjoy that luxury everyday and all you’ll need to do is press a button.

As soon as you wake up you could reach over and press one of three buttons on the remote control to get your shower started just the way you like it. The other two buttons serve as different “profiles” for other shower settings. You could have a morning program, one for your spouse, and one for after exercising.

Inside the bathroom is where the main control center lives. From there you can start and stop the shower with the push of a button. There are also two knobs and two backlit LCDs that display and adjust the flow rate and temperature. For children, the SafeStop functionality prevents the water from becoming hotter than 38 C, pretty much eliminating the need for your Baby Bath Wireless Monitor.

This wireless shower greatness comes at a pretty hefty price, about £744 or US $1,376. Most people would rather just spend that extra grand on something more fulfilling, like an HD TiVo or another extravagant gadget.

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