CardScan Executive 800c reads business card with aplomb

cardscan-800c.jpgIt is interesting to note that in this day of age and time, people still trade business cards the first time they meet up instead of beaming it over via IrDA or Bluetooth. Looks like old-school paper is not quite obsolete just yet despite the paperless onslaught by various advancements such as wireless technology, Microsoft Outlook, and the Internet. The CardScan Executive 800c is one device that all businessmen (and women) should not do without on their travels.

This nifty gadget is the digital tool to help you ease into the paperless revolution, offering an average scanning speed of below 3 seconds per card. Its unprecedented speed means you can now ask your secretary to start scanning in the backlog of business contacts which you have amassed over the years in order to store them in a digital format that is not affected by termites and other pests.

The CardScan Executive 800c is bundled with a powerful OCR reader that is capable of identifying contact data correctly, using the standalone contact management software to organize all the scanned data into their proper place without having you lift a finger. Ok, maybe you’ve got to perform a few mouse clicks to complete the process, but it sure beats going through your e-mail just to look for one long-lost contact! This portable device measures a mere 5.8″ x 3.3″ x 1.5″ and is bus-powered by any available USB port. The only drawback would be forking out $260 for it, but once you start scanning your backlog of business cards, you begin to see what a great buy the CardScan Executive 800c was.

Source: Laptop Mag