The little VoIP Mouse that could


voip-street-mouse.jpgSo you have recently discovered the wonders of VoIP and have managed to track down your long lost relatives who are currently residing across 6 continents to hold a Skype conference on a weekly basis, catching up on old times. The eternal question then pops up – which is the best gadget to purchase for your VoIP needs that will not add unnecessary clutter to your desktop while offering great voice quality in a nice looking package? Gizoo claims to have the answer with the Street Mouse VoIP handset. It looks very much like the well-loved Beetle and retails for an affordable £21.95.

What does the Street Mouse VoIP have to offer for the casual user? Apart from the cute looks, it comes with fully functional LEDs in the car’s headlights for that extra novelty factor. Not only that, the Beetle-inspired design is there for a reason, and is surprisingly ergonomic in nature. From the mousing perspective, you get an industry standard 800 dpi optical mouse, a couple of buttons, and a single scroll wheel for easy desktop navigation.

As a VoIP handset, the Street Mouse VoIP works pretty well, where the pair of included headphones is plugged into the 3.5mm jack which is located in the front right wheel. The built-in microphone also works pretty well from an arm’s length. Does the Street Mouse VoIP warrant a purchase? The answer is in the affirmative only if you do not have a VoIP handset already.

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