DNA Art (Part 2)


Fingerprint ArtWe wrote about DNA art earlier in the year, I just came across it again today and still find it particularly cool (if somewhat expensive) so thought I’d write about their products in a bit more detail (who knows they may even send me a freebie :)).

The cheapest form of DNA art that dna11 sell is the FingerPrint Portrait. With these you choose what style of print you want (there are such choices as Earth Mist and Pop Mango) and make an order. They then send you a fingerprint collection kit, which you complete and send back. Then in 4-6 weeks you have your own totally unique and personalised piece of art. Prices for the FingerPrint Portrait start at $190.

DNA Side by Side PortraitThe next portrait is the actual DNA Portrait. Here you have to send them a sample of your DNA (hopefully done via a mouth swab rather than a needle) and they’ll print and varnish a graphical representation of it, which I must admit looks very cool in an abstract kind of way. You can get DNA portrait in split screens so they can represent the DNA of the entire family. Prices for the DNA Portrait start at $390, so lets hope you have pretty DNA :).

GlowFrameBy far the coolest DNA product is the GlowFrame. The GlowFrame is like the DNA Portrait but also incorporates a back-lite so that your DNA picture glows on the wall, this does look remarkably cool and a real head turner. Unfortunately prices for this start at $790 so this is one for the deep pocketed DNA art lover.

Finally if you’re a real animal lover you can even get DNA art for your pet , simply submit your pet’s DNA instead of your own for a unique piece of animal artwork (though whether your pet will appreciate the artistic gesture is anybodies guess).

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methodshop Says: October 25, 2006 at 1:21 pm

im totally thinking about getting the GlowFrame. am i nuts?

Kenneth R. Says: April 7, 2007 at 5:59 am

This is definitely something to show off at a bachelor pad or something.

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