Chaos Tower Kit

by Mike

Chaos Tower Kit
Kids love to use their imagination to create all sorts of crazy things. Helping them do that is the Chaos Tower kit. They’ll even be able to build something taller than themselves!

Make sure to prepare a big space for the kit; you can easily create something a couple feet long or a couple feet high.

All sorts of “stunt” pieces are included, which perform a variety things from bouncing balls all the way to a loop-de-loop. The main attraction is the chain driven lift which will carry the balls up to the top of your tower.

It may be that you’re interested in this, but not very creative. To get those creative juices flowing, a CD-ROM (Windows & Mac) contains over 50 hands-on educational activities with various skill levels (grades 3-12).

The Chaos Tower is recommended for ages 8 and up. That may be a little young to follow along with the CD activities, but they’ve always got their imagination.

If you do end buying this, make sure your child gets a lot of use because the Chaos Tower kit costs $130. Still, it definitely looks like a great educational and fun toy for any kid. I know I would’ve liked to have it.

As a side note, the Chaos Tower has won a variety of awards and is currently used in over 2,000 schools as an educational tool.

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