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excuse-box.jpgSo you’re stuck on the phone with your Aunt Annie who always has tons of things to say, and being a phlegmatic, you have this inborn trait of not knowing how to say no and end the conversation politely as your World of Warcraft character is getting bashed right in front of your eyes as she rambles on and on about her latest outing with the rest of the girls at the local Hat Club. How do you tell her that you really need to go and you don’t really care about what she has to share with you? Enter the Excuse Box which will save many a frustrated moment.

The Excuse Box helps you come up with valid excuses (moralists will say this is lying) in order to continue doing what you were concentrating on before an unwanted phone call ambled along. There are plenty of pre-recorded tracks stored on the Excuse Box which spans a total of 10 minutes to help you out of sticky conversations with people who just do not know when and how to quit yapping.

All audio is recorded in high quality, ranging from background noise in a mechanic shop, a crying baby (make sure you actually have a newborn in your house before using this excuse!), a boarding call, and some static/interference noise amongst others. For $13, the Excuse Box is a pretty convenient device to help you cook up reasons to hang up as there are only so many funeral speeches you can make each time somebody calls.

Source: New Launches

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