Ypsilon Office Chair is fully adjustable


ypsilon-chair.jpgThe Ypsilon Office Chair not only comes with a strange spelling, but it also looks as if it was spawned from another planet. Those with a fear of dentists will most probably avoid the Ypsilon Office Chair as it reminds them of painful experiences while extracting a molar or two. All the morphs and levers that you see on this piece of office furniture is there for a very good reason – it enables the user to adjust up to 10 different settings that are available, including seat height, depth, height of back, headrest, backrest pressure, backrest position, lumbar support, armrest height, armrest angle and arm supports.

How long does it take to tweak this chair according to your preference? If it is comfortable for you, whoever else sits on this will definitely find it uncomfortable unless they readjust it. It would be nice to see the manufacturers include some form of electronic memory and motorized parts so that the Ypsilon Office Chair can cater to a handful of users at the touch of a single button.

A couple of Italian designers, Mario and Claudio Bellini, created the Ypsilon Office Chair in order to bring office workers a brand new, more ergonomic experience at work. If you ever wonder how come Fiat cars have such comfortable seats, you can thank the very same two gentlemen for leaving their touch in Fiats worldwide. Their handiwork in the vehicle ought to convince skeptics that the Ypsilon Office Chair is worth the investment when furnishing your new office.

Source: Gadgetizer

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