Audiovox Prestige Key Fobs

by Mike

Audiovox Prestige Key Fobs
Fobs that start your car from inside your house or in your office are old news these days. Nowadays you can get that functionality and then some more, maybe temperature monitors, extreme range, and even a security system.

This Audiovox Prestige line of fobs does all of this. Each of these commands can be done from a quarter mile a way; that’s a bit more range than your average fob.

Although the screen isn’t anything fancy, it does what it needs to do. You’ll see the current alarm status and all sorts of other little tidbits about your car. The background of the screen even changes color depending on the command you’re currently using.

The security system has six different tones for sirens, unfortunately though you can’t buy (yet!) custom tones. In case somebody sees a car running with no one in it, the security system stays armed even while the remote start is in action.

While all those features are pretty cool, nothing beats this: it’s got a flashlight built in. For whatever reason, the folks at Audiovox feel it essential to pack a flashlight into this fob.

Audiovox gives you a security system, remote starter, and even a flashlight in a device that will fit onto your keychain. Getting one won’t be cheap though; the fob itself is around $220 and you’ll probably have to pay for some sort of installation.

Product Page [via OhGizmo!]

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