T-Shirt that Displays the Time

T-Shirt that displays the time
If you want to be the center of attentions everywhere you go – than the Time T-Shirt is just what you need, I bet people will be staring at you like they saw some kind of freak, but in the end it’s just you and a t-shirt that displays time.

To have a clock on a t-shirt is already bad enough so to make the situation a bit easier for whoever buys this thing, the type of clock is digital instead of analog which makes it easier to read. Another detail that helps to understand the time is that the numbers are displayed with some kind of green lights effect.

In order to display time + have that sleek green light there has to be a battery, in this case it is located near the clock panel and works with 4AAA batteries. Can you imagine the weight of this T-Shirt with the included battery pack plus the batteries? I doubt it’s comfortable to use but if you want to cause an impression you need to take extreme measures and this is the way to go. The battery pack can be detached from the shirt for the occasional laundering sessions that will keep the wearable gadget clean and ready to use for any occasions, but take attention because the only way to wash it is with your hands, forget about the laundry machine. The only 2 features available are related to the clock – you can either turn it on or off, and also use the stop watch function.
And finally, the Time T-Shirt is available at iWantOneOfThose for $55.