The Office Espionage Kit

The Office Espionage Kit
Sitting behind a desk all day can get boring, but fortunately for you there’s products like the Office Espionage Kit that will help get you through your work day. I’m not saying you’ll enjoy it, just that it’ll be a little less tiresome.

This essential workplace kit includes all sorts of sneaky (and priceless) gadgets.

First of all, during any import business conversation one needs to be able to eavesdrop, it just wouldn’t be right not to. The Office Espionage Kit has you covered: a micro listening device along with a pair of mediocre headphones and a battery is included.

Transferring sensitive message between co-workers can’t be done via E-Mail, it’s much to risky. Something that secretive needs to be sent with invisible ink. You’re covered again, the kit has a invisible ink pen that encodes and decodes. Just be sure to give one to your accomplice.

Spying on coworkers can be tricky. You need to be stealthy and secretive, and cubicle walls and corners can be terrible obstacles, that is, unless you have your handy mirrors to look over and around walls and corners!

Of course, no spy kit would be complete without a book of spy tips to go along with it. You’ll learn all sorts of new things you never thought possible.

Making your work day that much better is a real bargain. The Office Espionage Kit sells at Think Geek for $13. Be sure to order an extra though, or else you’ll only be able to send messages to yourself!