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digital-wifi-frame.jpgMost people already own a digital camera these days, but we seem to be having problems of printing them out at printing kiosks as well as photo labs due to the high cost per photo. What do we do then? Simple – we just store them online at places like Flickr, or leave them languishing on a hard drive or burn them onto a CD and promptly forgetting about them after a while. Having a digital photo frame alleviates that problem somewhat, but then again the functionality of such a device is pretty limited.

Enter the MemoryFrame MF-8104 from Digital Spectrum. This Digital Photo Frame is different from all the rest as it comes with integrated wireless functionality, enabling you to connect to an internal home network or via a wireless router and displaying your photos off from those sources directly. You also save when it comes to memory cards as there is no need to physically store the photos on the MemoryFrame itself. The MemoryFrame MF-8104 is IP addressable, and can even access your e-mail, favorite RSS feeds, and photo sharing sites when the need arises.

Digital photos is not the only specialty of the MemoryFrame MF-8104 – you would be pleased to know that this nifty little device is capable of streaming audio over to the frame as well as play MP3 and WMA files via the integrated stereo speakers. The frame of the MF-8104 works like some cellphone covers these days, as you can swap them according to your fancy. One word of caution though – $380 is a pretty high price to pay for such a device, and the fact that it comes with a mere 64MB of internal memory makes that price all the harder to swallow.

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dave Says: July 2, 2007 at 8:19 am

I purchased the MF 8104 frame because I have 5,000 digital photos on my server. While the wireless concept is wonderful, this frame has some real problems and limitations. Of my 5,000 photos, the frame can only handle a maximum of 255. So, I have to have lots of small (255 or less photos) folders on the server and manually reprogram the frame every time I was to access a different set.

I asked if this was bug they planned to fix in the future, and they said they could not comment about any plans to increase the capacity..

So, keep your receipt incase you need to send it back..

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