KWC Waterstation keeps peace in kitchen


waterstation.jpgThey say that a family that eats together, stays together. Why not expand on that premise a little bit by ensuring the family cooks together? No longer will dad sit in the living room with a beer can in hand watching telly while the kids are having a field time outside, leaving mom to do all the preparation. Unfortunately, accidents can happen pretty easily in the kitchen due to congestion and each person having a mind of their own. Thankfully, the KWC Waterstation hopes to solve the problem of having just a couple of sinks opposed to 5 or 6 people jostling with each other to use it.

The KWC Waterstation comes with a rotating sink and counter space simultaneously. Not only that, it is equipped with various kitchen items such as colanders, cutting boards, and drainers. This enables each individual chef to perform his or her tasks without interrupting the next person while standing in a circle. You can just rotate the surface to use the appliances as needed, very much like the Lazy Susan concept that we see at Chinese dining tables, where a table of 10 can easily share a mere 5 dishes by rotating it around.

This innovative kitchen design is not some kind of pipe dream as it actually exists. You can choose from a standalone KWC Waterstation, or opt for the customized version which is fitted into a counter top. There is some serious dollar to consider as these models cost $12,000 upwards. Bear in mind the 12 big ones you drop does not include the faucets.

Source: SCI-FI Tech

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