PhatonPark Underground Car Lifts

by Mike

Phanton Park Lift
It’s a terrible dilemma. You’ve got two cars, but only room for one. At last, people have come up with a solution to resolve this extraordinary problem.

With a PhantomPark Lift you can have one garage store two cars. It’s pretty much an elevator for your car; you can store on underground and one above, and then switch the two around.

The lifts are pretty sleek, too. All components and lifting mechanics are concealed under ground and the top of the lift can even be tiled to blend in with your garage. If you did a good enough job, people wouldn’t even know that below your garage was another car and a couple thousand pounds of steel.

A variety of lift models are available that will handle small cars all the way up to SUVs and you can even go one step further by selecting different depths for the vertical travel.

You won’t be getting one of these for a bargain, but if you need the extra space it’s definitely going to be cheaper than adding an additional garage to your house. That’ll run you into all sorts of odd problems; however, these lifts require only minimal modifications.

To really get a feel for what these things do, check out their website and look at the video. Unfortunately it only worked for me in IE, but you may be lucky enough to get it to work in Firefox.

No prices are listed on their website, however you can contact the company for quotes and more information by heading over to their website.

[via OhGizmo!]

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dotty Says: October 12, 2006 at 3:56 am

we have this type of parking system in singapore in many places… and they are ancient (easily 20yrs)… i don’t understand what makes this one so special…

bob Says: April 13, 2009 at 9:36 am

They are priced at $40,000 for the Phantom Park, $61,900 for the Car Dok single lift, and $72,000 for the Car Dok double lift so they arn’t really a cheaper solution then buiding a garage

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