Do-It-Yourself Divorce Table


divorce-table.jpgAh, wedded bliss. Or it it? Statistics show that 33% of all marriages in the U.K. will end in divorce, with the main beneficiary being the divorce lawyer. During one of those rare moments when an estranged couple manages to keep their tempers in check, they can sit around this Divorce Table and start to negotiate all the essentials, such as the amount of alimony payment, who gets to keep the kids and dog, the allocation of property, you know – the whole works. The advent of this Divorce Table just goes to show how far the idea of divorce has progressed in our society, mocking the institution of marriage while destroying lives and families in the process.

At one glance, the Divorce Table is pretty ordinary until you realize that there are actually 8 legs attached to the table. On a closer look, you realize that the Divorce Table is made from a solid oak top with a notch at the top that helps guide your saw when the marriage starts to break down. You can then completely saw the Divorce table into half once all the paperwork is complete, ensuring that at least one asset was divided in a fair manner throughout the turbulent divorce proceedings.

It is not all doom and gloom with the Divorce Table, however, as it makes a good wedding gift to remind the couple that they should remain united despite all the differences and trials which they will eventually experience. It can also be purchased by married couples who want to start all over while renewing their marriage vows. Pretty interesting concept from Tim Simpson, one must admit.

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