Buster is the kid-friendly vacuum cleaner

by Mike

The Buster
Little kids tend to be scared of the vacuum cleaner. It might be the scary light, loud noise, or the fact that if you put your fingers under it, they’ll get stuck.

The designer .tina. is trying to put a stop to that fear. Her solution is called the Buster, a kid-friendly and cool looking vacuum cleaner.

The design of Buster is pretty sleek and definitely supposed to be kid-friendly, which explains the snailesque design. Whenever it’s vacuuming time, little Joey can ride along on the built in seat and hold the handles while Mom does the real work. As soon as you’re done Buster can just be left out and Joey can play around.

Now as fun as this seems, you know, riding on the vacuum cleaner, it won’t encourage kids to actually vacuum. It’ll just make vacuuming that much harder. Now you’ll have to push an extra 20 pounds of weight around and be interrupted with all sorts of random questions. At least when they were afraid they’d leave you alone for a bit! Just get a Roomba.

If you’re really interested in getting yourself a Buster, you’re out of luck, as the Buster isn’t currently for sale. One day, it may come to market, but it would probably be a lot cheaper to get a regular vacuum cleaner, or about the same price as a good old Roomba.

[via OhGizmo!]

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