Breath Palette Toothpaste

by Tiago

Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit
I will go straight to the point and my apologies if you are included in the group of people I will talk about: the solution to the bad smell that comes out of your mouth is not Elixir nor the latest Colgate toothpaste, it’s actually the Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit.

What is this “new” thing? The breath palette kit contains a couple of toothpastes that have special flavors when compared to the normal mint of the Colgate or others of the same kind, these new flavors can go from a simple Vanilla taste to blueberry, honey or green tea. In total there are 20 different flavors that are divided into 4 categories, more exactly Sweet Tooth, Smoothie, Zen Palette and East Meets West. From the 20 flavors available, the ones that got my attention were the following – caramel, cola, strawberry, honey and bitter chocolate.

You might be thinking this kind of toothpastes will only leave a good smell and won’t clean your teeth & mouth, but that is wrong. There are some oral benefits – to start with the breath palette is sugar free (uses Xylitol) and prevents the appearance of plaque in your teeth; it is also alcohol free which is a positive when fighting the bad breath; and to finish off it has low effervescence which means less foam.

So here you have he solution for one of the worst human problems (bad breath), this kind of toothpaste can also be used with children that don’t like to brush the teeth everyday – with a new flavor each day I’m sure they will have some kind of pleasure using it.

PS – The Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit is available at Firebox and each kit costs £20, approximately $37.

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GrimReeper Says: October 12, 2006 at 12:11 am

Finally a toothpaste that isnt mint.

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