The iGoGo massages you as you listen to your music

by Mike

iGoGo Massaging MP3 Player
For some reason, companies feel it necessary to include all sorts of random little features in their products. Lately, the trends been to pop some massagers onto any product they produce. That’s well and good for chairs, couches, maybe even headphones, but an MP3 player?

That’s exactly what the main feature OSIM iGoGo is. The iGoGo includes 2 wireless massagers, which is expandable to allow for four total, and 7 different massage programs which you chose depending on how you feel.

Those massagers actually massage in rhythm to the current music you’re listening too. That might be weird, or who knows, maybe it’ll actually enhance the listening experience. Probably not.

At its heart, the iGoGo is a MP3 player, just not a very impressive one. The screen and styling is decent enough, and it comes in two colors (white and black, how original), but you only get 128 MB of flash memory! You can expand that amount using the external slot that handles MMC cards to get an additional 512 MB of memory. That’s not even a gigabyte, which is pitiful these days when you can get 8 GB flash players.

Currently the iGoGo is available only in Singapore but it’s probable that it’ll find itself in the US and other countries eventually. That means no pricing details, but I’d imagine it’s ridiculously high considering the features the iGoGo has.

[via Popgadget]

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