LED Scrolling Badge gets the message across


usb-led-badge.jpgIf you’re not the confrontational type and prefer to let words instead of fists do the talking at work, perhaps the magnetic LED Scrolling Badge will be the perfect device for your personality type. This interesting USB peripheral is a pretty thin device that comes with a red LED display in the front and some magnets at the back which enables it to be stuck on any metal surface such as your PC case or notice board. Since the magnetic LED scrolling badge does not have any wires attached to it, that means it’s use is not restricted by the length of a wire.

The red LED display is capable of displaying both English and Japanese characters, making sure you let the whole office know that you’re at a meeting and won’t be back at your place until 5 p.m. in either language. Up to 512 letters can be programmed into the device with eight different cases available. Not too sure what that means, since there are only lowercase and uppercase in the English language – probably has something to do with the Japanese characters.

The magnetic LED scrolling badge has an internal battery that is charged via the USB port. It takes approximately 12 hours to attain a full charge. You can pick it up today for approximately $38.50. Makes for a pretty cool name tag IMHO, but you will need to wear some piece of metal across your shirt pocket it its to stick to you.

Source: Everything USB

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Ist das deutsch? Says: October 11, 2006 at 3:10 am

Ich habe es drei mal gelesen und verstehe es nicht. Ist das deutsch? Oder macht das was da steht sinn?

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