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digital-putter.jpgSo you’re no Tiger Woods, but yet you are dressed from head to toe in Tiger paraphernalia and own the most expensive set of golf clubs among your peers and business associates. Not only that, you have flown and played at the most prestigious golf courses around the world, thanks to your influence and position. You have your own personal caddy who doubles up as a butler and secretary wherever you go, and have even hired a coach to help improve your game. Unfortunately, all the money in the world can’t seem to lower your handicap as your putts seem to go wayward no matter what you’ve tried. It seems that everything on the course have already been blamed for you missing the shot, including the wind, a beeping pager, a ringing cellphone, and even the uneven grass.

It is about time you do something about it. The DiXX Blu Digital Instructor from Infinics of South Korea could be the last resort, and it pulls no punches in getting your putt lined up properly. This putter is unique from the rest in the market as it is equipped with sensors and an LCD screen which helps you align the club perfectly before you hit it. Bear in mind that a perfect line will not result in you sinking that shot, as there are still other aspects to figure out such as swing speed, the impact position as well as the angle face of the putter’s face on each swing.

Thankfully, the DiXX is able to capture all that data (though we don’t know how) for your perusal after the game in order to improve it next time. The DiXX Blu Digital Instructor is available for purchase at approximately $832 in Japan. Those with poor hand-eye co-ordination should just take up some other sport like chess instead.

Source: Ubergizmo

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