The Discovery Electronic Gadget Lab

by Mike

The Discovery Electronic Gadget Lab
Kids like to be hands-on and see something cool happen from their work. Science experiments involving circuitry don’t seem particularly kid-friendly, maybe because you’re worried about electrocution and other silly things, but the Discovery Electronic Gadget Lab is just that: a kid oriented toy involving circuits and electricity.

No, there are no exposed wires; everything is covered in layers of plastic, but you can still seem the components, lights, and switches.

The main “circuit board” has little pegs where each component will easily snap right on to, no tools or anything is required. Everything you could possibly need is included, be it fans, lights, speakers, and even some LEDs.

An instruction/idea book includes step by step color instructions and diagrams for over 100 different gadgets ranging from the simple to the complex.

Overall, you get 30 different components that your child can play around and experiment with or follow one of the gadget instruction sets. Either way it’s an educational and fun experience; there’s nothing like seeing a light go off or a fan start when you flip a switch.

I take my previous statement back; you will need to supply a whole 2 AA batteries that go into one of the components. Those gadgets got to get some juice from somewhere, right?

Discovery Channel recommends this product for 8 year olds and up, which seems about right as you really have to follow the directions and be able to put those pieces together in the right order.

The Discovery Electronic Gadget Lab goes for a very reasonable $30 at the Discovery Channel Store. It’ll be a great gift for any kid you know.

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