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nuvue-digital-photo-frame.jpgJust like the iPod, nearly everyone has a digital camera today. Despite being able to take far more photos than before, one of the biggest stumbling blocks of digital cameras is the fact that many of us do not process our photographs unlike the good old days where there were negatives to be developed. Instead, we just store all our memories in a digital format on some hard drive or memory card somewhere, without ever showing them off to the world. This is where Digital Photo Frames enter the picture, enabling you to share your memories with loved and close ones.

NuVue has a couple of new Digital Photo Frames which will be a worthy addition to any living room. The NV-561 comes with a 5.62″ TFT display that showcases your digital photos in vivid color. The NV-561 also supports slideshows that plays photos back directly from a memory card, automatically resizing your pictures to fit the frame. There are seven time intervals to choose from, ensuring your guests do not miss you catching the big one. The inclusion of sixteen different transition effects is also a welcome addition.

The higher end NV-800 boasts a generous 8″ TFT display that does not only display photos in the slideshow format as the NV-561, it does MPEG 1, 2, and 4 movies as well. Since the frame displays as much information as there is on the card, the only limitation here is the memory. You can use CF, SD, XD, MMC and MS memory cards with the NV-800. You can pick up the NV-561 and NV-800 for £99.95 and £189.99 respectively.

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George Says: December 27, 2006 at 1:54 pm

What does your memory card look like (size wise) for Digital Picture Frame and what is the price?

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