Help yourelf quit smoking with the Linkman

The Linkman
Smoking isn’t the best of habits, and for anyone trying to quit it can be tough to decide what you should use to help you in that process. Sure there are nicotine gums and patches, but those don’t work for everyone.

The Linkman is a unique way to help you break the habit by giving you “permission” to smoke.

It’ll easily pop onto your keychain and is ironically about the size of a cigarette. No, it doesn’t hold your cigarette, but it does have a light and a little button. Whenever you want to light one up, you press the button, if it’s green you’re good to go, otherwise it’s red and means you need to wait a bit.

The Linkman actually records the time between cigarettes, and with that data it decides what color to light up. Over time, the Linkman increases and increases the time between cigarettes until you’ve essentially broken the habit. After that, it should be easy to quit and start to be a bit healthier.

The one flaw in the Linkman is that it doesn’t actually stop you from smoking, you’ve got to have the willpower not to light one up when it tells you not to. Otherwise, the Linkman is useless to you if you don’t follow its instructions all the time.

Getting your Linkman will cost $80, but that’s nothing if it means getting rid of a terrible habit that causes all sorts of negative health effects.

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  1. You need willpower to quit smoking *no matter what*. The Linkman is actually way more lenient than any other method, so you need LESS willpower to quit using it. It worked like a charm – trust me, I used it to quit and have not smoked for 15 months now.

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