Dyson CR01 revolutionize laundry


dyson-cr01.jpgHow many of you would rate the washing machine is one of the sexiest items in your homes? Definitely, almost positively none. Most washing machines are placed behind the house or down in the basement itself, and seldom would you bring your house guests to ogle at it as you prefer them to compliment you on your latest LCD HDTV sitting in the living room that is hooked up to a spanking new Home Theater PC. No siree, the old, greying washing machine will have to remain holed up and far away from the eyes of people. Enter the Dyson CR01 washing machine that will literally blow your thinking out of the water regarding this faithful but often under-appreciated home appliance.

The Dyson CR01 looks ask if it was designed for a spaceship or some art gallery as it comes in a funky purple color with splashes of aqua-blue at different parts. Dyson uses its patented Dyson Contrarotator system which vastly improves the way a regular vacuum works for a much cleaner and more efficient wash. With a couple of drums rotating in opposite directions, this method is claimed to flex the fabric within many times more than a standard washer, giving you cleaner clothes as well as larger loads and a much more efficient performance.

Other features include a drum that achieves 5,000 perforations which is roughly five times more than those found in conventional washers. Dyson washing machines have been tested for 20 years of life with a triple A rating when it comes to wash performance, energy, and spin at 7kg loads. This ought to last you long enough until purple goes out of vogue. At £1,000 to £1,200 a pop, they definitely aren’t cheap but that’s the price one pays for quality.

Source: Oh!Gizmo

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