2 new cool Sony Ericsson cellphones – Z558 and W830

by Tiago

Sony Ericsson Z558
Sony Ericsson has recently added 4 cellphones that can be mentioned as upgrades of previous versions, I will mention 2 of them that I liked and would probably buy if money wasn’t a problem. While cellphones don’t have the right to a daily appearance on Coolest Gadgets (which is good) these newborns deserve some attention because they are kind of unique.

To start with we have the Z558 (previous Z550) that is oriented for China and the surrounding markets, it is special because it is the first cellphone from Sony Ericsson that doesn’t uses the Symbian software and the other bonus is having a touch screen & stylus system – this is a kind of rare feature to see on clamshell phones. There is still an extra incentive that many people will love or hate depending on how easy it is to use, the character recognition (special with Chinese characters) might make life easier hard when writing text for SMS.

The other model presented was the W830, it’s the device for the music fanatics also known as Sony Ericsson Walkman. Besides having features related to different music download services and being compatible with infrequent audio format files (like e-ACC+), the other audio feature that caught my attention was the title-of-the-song-system, technically called TrackID. This system gives you the opportunity to know the title of that song you love and listened on the radio but don’t know the name, what you need to do is record a few seconds of the song with the microphone, send it to Gracenote and afterwards they will identify the song and provide more information about it.

Sony Ericsson W830

Via Gizmodo

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