The Sanyo HD1

by Mike

Sanyo HD1
You’re not as geeky as you say you are if you haven’t jumped on the HD bandwagon yet, or maybe you just picked a bad place to live in.

Either way, broadcast HD is getting old; it’s time to start recording your own stuff in HD. Nowadays it’s finally become something that’s relatively affordable, and actually works well enough to use.

You won’t get 1080p resolution, but it’s the next best thing, yep, the Sanyo HD1 shoots in 720p at an insane 9 mbps frame rate.

There’s even the ability to shoot some decent stills on this camcorder, although who knows how they’ll actually turn out. Still, you can get them at 5.1 megapixels, which is a nice little addition to the feature list. As far as zoom goes, it’s decent, 10 x optical and 10 x digital.

As if having one cutting edge feature wasn’t enough, the HD1 also features a 2 inch OLED display, which is the type of display used in the Optimus Mini Three.

Expect to buy a couple of memory cards if you really want to carry around a lot of video as HD video takes up a lot of space. A 2 GB SD card will hold about 40 minutes worth of video. However, you can switch over to standard definition, and get so-so quality, but hold a lot more video.

The outputs for your computer, besides the SD card, are S-Video and USB 2.0, which should be enough for any TV/computer.

Aside from the HD, my favorite part about the HD1 is the form factor, it measures only 3” x 5” x 1.5”, and it will easily fit in one hand.

Although the HD1 is the high end range of camcorders, with the price being at $800, it’s definitely affordable and can conceivably bring HD to the regular consumer. Search around at a local Best Buy or other big box store to get yours.

Product Page [via the great gizwizbiz]

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