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dinovo-edge.jpgLogitech decided to take the Bluetooth route with its latest jaw-dropping computer peripheral that will send geeks scampering to find enough loose change to purchase this puppy when it is released in November across Europe and the U.S. for $199.99. This piece of technological art, if you may call it that, features a super-slim profile that will definitely sit down well with those who are currently using flat panel displays. The diNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard comes with a semi-translucent surface that enable the dynamic backlighting of icons embedded within the keyboard, and these very icons will turn invisible when not in use.

Other innovative design ideas includes the TouchDisc that enables the user to scroll and navigate through a graphical user interface without the need for a mouse. In other words, it is a glorified and sexy touchpad that is bound to get you drooling, making this the perfect device for use in a home theater PC setup. The use of Bluetooth is also a wise move as Bluetooth connectivity is far more stable and has a longer range (up to 10 meters) when compared against the tradition radio frequency used in wireless products.

The diNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard is the first rechargeable keyboard offered by Logitech, and it looks set to be a stunning success. This extremely sexy looking peripheral is guaranteed to set hearts aflutter worldwide when it is released. Logitech engineers have also managed to create a very energy efficient device – apparently a two hour charge is all that the diNovo Edge requires in order to keep on running for at least a couple of months. You would probably want to recharge it more often as it comes with an extremely sexy charger/docking station.

Source: Ubergizmo

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Yagotta B. Kidding Says: October 4, 2006 at 12:14 am

R U Crazy??

True geek has got his Model M (what is a Model M, you might ask) already, and could hardly give less than a flying fzzk about anything else.

Logitech ain’t cool at all. They aim at those mid-tier managers who need to convince themselves they are in charge – with a purchasing order for a keyboard. LOL.

Noone will drool for a Logitech. Even their mice are easily outperformed by A4Tech rodents. Logitech is still big, but it has lost its impact on new computing tools more than 5 years ago. Just ask any heavy gamer, a corporate power user, or your secretary.

And now the best: look at the keys on the right. Right Ctrl has been pushed left, and became Left Arrow. Great. Touch-typists will _love_ this. Next, the nine keys which control Printing, Scrolling, PgUp, PgDown, Home and End of the Line, etc, are seven on this piece of luddite crap. Seven. Guess what’s missing?

Wrong. Look again. And again. Moreover, the horizontal design has been changed to vertical! If anything else, this one is a deal-breaker. After those strange shifting, key dropping and rearranging, all you will be able to squeze out of your sore fingers will be a third of your normal typing speed. At best.

The former diNovo was just costly. This one is just stupid.


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