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More and more these days, fingerprint scanners are being built into laptops, but they haven’t yet made their way into fobs, until now.

The folks at plusID have the pleasure to bill themselves as the first to put a fingerprint scanner into something you can pop onto your keychain. Hoorah for them.

If I understand this product, it’s really meant for the professionals, you know, the ones we see on TV typing codes in keypads and having doors magically open for them. That’s really were the plusID would be a great addition, not in the hands of a consumer.

As far as computers, the plusID fobs are capable of one-time passwords, and single log-ons, but only in the more premium models.

As with most every other electronic, there are a couple different models of the plusID fobs. The most basic model is the plusID 60, which has nothing worth noting. The next up is the plusID 75, which features 2.45 ghz Bluetooth, one-time password capability, and LCD and audible feedback. The ultimate version, or plusID 90, comes with all that, and long-range capability, up to 100 meters!

Each plusID is powered by internal rechargeable batteries that last for around 1,000 uses per charge.

Most people consider this type of technology cool, but not really practical, probably because they feel it will take to long to authenticate. That’s really not the case any more, technology is good enough that the plusID takes about a second to authenticate your fingerprint.

No pricing details are listed on their website, nor any information on how to buy, but I’m sure interested people have their ways to contact them.

[via gizmag]

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