AutoAlert reverse sensor

autoalert.jpgAre you a klutz when it comes to reversing? Do you hate parallel parking as you can’t quite seem to get the angle correct, much less getting out of a tight spot that more often than not lands you in hot soup as you gently kiss either bumper on the front and back? Perhaps it is high time you install a reverse parking sensor in your jalopy lest you keep on leaving scrapes and nicks on other people’s vehicles. The AutoAlert is one such device that will greatly boost your confidence when it comes to parallel parking, and you don’t have to ask your partner to alight and manually show you via hand signals how close you are to the pillar.

The AutoAlert device can be attached to any stock license plat frame, irregardless of whether the plate is located on the rear door, the boot lid, or bumper. This makes it compatible with a whole range of vehicles such as autos, minivans, MPVs, SUVs, trucks, and even luxurious motor homes. There are no batteries to replace with the AutoAlert as it receives its power via the vehicle’s rear taillight assembly after a minor modification by splicing it to the reverse bult.

The AutoAlert is capable of detecting objects within a 4-feet range that goes a long way in helping you avoid motorbikes, lamp posts, and even shopping carts. It can detect large objects within a particular range and angle, but cannot detect the presence of humans with its infrared sensor. The beeping will get faster and higher in pitch as you nudge your vehicle closer towards the obstacle, as with other reverse sensors. When you pick up this $49.95 device from Smart Home, bear in mind that it is not meant to be a replacement for your vehicle’s safety equipment. Older cars that do not come with a reverse sensor built-in should check this out and save yourself a whole lot of heartache with the AutoAlert today.