Bartender, gimme a double!

carlsberg-draughtmaster.jpgYou know how everyone at Coolest Gadgets love to have a tipple or two judging by the amount of alcoholic posts that we have made. The new Draughtmaster from Carlsberg will definitely be on top of most mens’ shopping lists this holiday season as you now no longer need to trudge down a cold, long road to the local tavern in order to knock back a few pints with your mates. Instead, you can pull points of lager in the comfort of your own home, although the missus will strongly disapprove of having your friends over as ruining the recently purchased Persian carpet with puke will most definitely be grounds for a divorce.

The Draughtmaster for thirsty men is one of the most environmentally-friendly beer taps around, and it is capable of taking in 5-litre kegs (almost the equivalent of 9 pints) at one go, although we’re sure you would most probably lose count after the 6th or 7th pint. Since these kegs are made from fully-recyclable plastic, getting a refill from a nearby store is not a problem. Should the local store run out of stock, you can always make your purchase online.

You can pick up the Draughtmaster from over 85 branches of Tesco Extra next week onwards at £129 a pop. Individual kegs will cost £13.99 each, which averages out at £1.55 a pint. Carlsberg will be keeping a close eye on the situation and make these kegs available throughout general stores next year if the sales numbers prove to be encouraging. One drawback of the Draughtmaster would be the lack choice for those who are averse to Carlsberg’s offerings. You can choose from Carlsberg and Skol kegs. Make sure the kegs are kept in the fridge for at least half a day before you pop them open for an afternoon of drunken debauchery.

Source: TechDigest