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swopper chair
Being a full-time coder means I don’t get a lot of exercise when working (unless you call 6 round trips to the coffee machine followed by 6 round trips to the loo exercise). Today I came across 2 computer chairs that could help burn the calories when I’m sat coding or blogging.

First off is the is the swopper, this revolutionary chair can move on all 3 dimensions and looks great fun to work on. It also advertises the following benefits:

  • It is good for your back
  • It keeps your inter-vertebral discs resilient and better able to handle strenuous activity
  • It very gently exercises all of your muscles
  • It promotes your circulation
  • It keeps your joints fit and prevents wear and tear on the joints
  • It actively prevents thromboses.

I must admit I’m not sure how productive I’d be on the swopper, as I like to lean back a lot and could see myself falling off.

Geek cycleThe second chair I came across is literally an exercise bike that you use as an office chair. So if you can type and pedal at the same time you can do a proper aerobic workout whilst writing your latest thesis. I suppose this could be taken to the next level and have your pedal power actually power the PC though that might be a bit too much like hard work.

The swopper chair was found via Crib Candy and thanks to Star of Shiny Shiny and Chaos Theory for leading me to the Geek-a-cycle.

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Ergonomic computer chairs Says: November 26, 2006 at 1:40 am

The swopper chair is really an interesting computer chair. I could use one of those myself as I am sitting almost all day, just like yourself. Could be a good candidate for my Computer Chair category on my own blog ;-)…


Cheryl Says: December 2, 2008 at 5:08 pm

How about a treadmill desk chair? I found this one at http://www.trekdesk.com. You can burn calories walking on your treadmill or tone your back and stomach with their TrekDesk Chair.

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