BBQ Night Light


BBQ LightIf you enjoy barbecuing at night you’ll know the problem of not recognizing when your food is black because it’s dark or black because you’ve burnt it to a crisp, this is where the BBQ Night Light comes in (though it is a bit late for us in the UK as barbecue weather is well and truly over).

The barbecue night light illuminates your grill enough to see what you’re cooking without disturbing your guests:

Nothing beats the backyard barbeque soiree – a gentle breeze wafting across the lawn, garden torches flickering, friends and family relaxing, laughing, mingling and chatting over a cool drink in the soft light. It’s all going swimmingly, until it’s time to light the BBQ. BAM! 10,000 watts of spotlight burning everyone’s retinas…way to kill the mood Dad!

The flexible light also incorporates a timer which will remind you to stop chatting up your next door neighbour and go flip the burgers :).

The BBQ Night Light is available from Latest Buy for ~$45.

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