4 thoughts on “Avoid Speeding Tickets (Legally)”

  1. The same diffusing effect can be created by using many light layers of hairspray on your license plate.

    I’m not sure how stable it would be in the open weather, so maybe you could use light mistings of a clear polyurethane type spray which would be more durable. The nice thing about the hairspray, though, is that it’s easy to remove should you ever want to.

  2. Quiero comprar un spray para matrícula de micoche. Quiero saber cuanto vale, cuanto tarda en llegar a mi casa en Valladolid (España)y cuanto son los gastos de envío.
    Un saludo

  3. If you ever receive a speeding ticket dont worry!! there are Proven legal techniques to beat speeding tickets
    and keep your insurance premiums low!!

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