Slim Pad – laptop for kids

by Tiago

Slim Pad

This Slim Pad also known as small-version-of-a- laptop can be the perfect presents for kids to learn something new everyday, or for parents that want to force the kids to do so. One of the things I like about it is the fact of the screen is detachable and when that happens it becomes a touch pad instead of a normal monitor, but kids and sticky fingers from food/cookies are a match so the touch sensitive screen idea might not be a good one.

It can teach a bunch of things including maths, logic science, geography, history, and two languages as those being English and French – all the teaching is done by making use of games appropriate for kids and other cool activities that I can’t imagine. To give it a real laptop feeling it comes with a “light-up” mouse (read glowing) and 4 cartridges for games, and in order to make it even more identical to a laptop there is software like:

  • money manager – didn’t know a kid needed one
  • word processor – this is important, like microsoft word for kids
  • music mixer – useful too, compare it to windows media player, or iTunes
  • typing tutor – it’s always good to know how to type before using the word processor

Other features include a voice recorder & playback that I can imagine being used in coordination with the music mixer, maybe for a bit of karaoke. The Slim Pad costs £90 (around $170) and is intended for kids older than 8 which I consider being an old age to start dealing with computers, the earlier the better.

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NIKIWE Says: February 16, 2009 at 2:57 am

Do you have a pink color for a girl on the- Slim Pad ?

Frankzee Says: December 22, 2010 at 12:53 am

Innovations are going ahead day by day. Not with in a time the technology in going high, really the slim pad is good for kids to learn something.

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