The Bedside Phone Center

by Mike

The Bedside Phone Center
For some people, space is a premium, or maybe they just hate to clutter up their houses with different gadgets for everything they own.

The Bedside Phone Center combines a lot of gadgets into one. It even has a dock for your iPod.

For waking up in the morning, you get a dual alarm clock, an AM/FM radio, and stereo speakers that can play your iPod, along with the radio, obviously. The alarm clock is capable of playing either your iPod or the radio in the morning.

The telephone system comes with 2 handsets, both with speakerphone. The base unit has a digital answering machine, memo recorder, a 50 number phonebook, a 40 number Caller ID, call waiting, an intercom system, six ring tones, and will support up to 4 handsets total.

The dock will play and charge any iPod with a dock connector, which basically means all but the shuffle. The included remote will also control your iPod, along with the AM/FM radio.

The time and date is displayed on the large, blue LCD which looks pretty shnazzy.

The base unit runs off of a standard AC adapter, and each handset has a rechargeable battery. The remote requires a CR2025 lithium cell battery, which is not included.

If you require an additional handset, you can only get it in silver, but the price isn’t that bad, only $40.

The Bedside Phone Center gives you a lot, a phone, alarm clock, and a docking center for your iPod. For all you get, the price is fairly reasonable. Available from Sharper Image for $250.

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