Crazy Blender Alarm Clock


blender-alarm-clock.jpgWe’re sure that faithful readers of Coolest Gadgets have seen their fair share of wacky alarm clocks, but has anyone actually seen something as interesting as this? The aptly named Crazy Blender Alarm Clock is unlike any of its slumber-killing ancestors, rousing you from your dreams of being in the Bahamas, sipping on a Pina Colada while lounging in your dream yacht in the most unruly and uncivilized manner possible. If you thought that an ordinary blender at work was loud enough to generate a sonic boom, be prepared to face something much worse with the Crazy Blender Alarm Clock.

It does not look like any of the modern blenders that you find in kitchens these days, but instead it comes in an extremely funky and retro design that harks back to the 60s. The styrofoam beads do a good job creating one heck of a noise that is loud enough to wake the dead up, and should such form of aural torture be insufficient to wake up your stubborn good self, there is always the choice of 4 equally annoying tunes that would rival and carnival music.

One weakness in the Crazy Blender Alarm Clock would be the lack of a snooze button which many people have become so dependent on these days. Imagine shutting this off once and returning to dreamland – the results would be nothing short of disastrous, especially on those Monday mornings. The Crazy Blender Alarm Clock is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and will set you back by $30.

Source: Shiny Shiny

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