Xlider another Boarding Phenomenon


My friends over at Gizoo have just started their own blog. One of their first posts is about the Xlider and these things look very cool (though maybe not as cool as the Scarpar). The Xlider is a combination of roller blading and boarding. You have two small boards (one per foot) and each board has 2 Rollerblade like wheels.

They are “supposedly” simple to learn and come with an optional training cable to prevent you legs going off in different directions. By the looks of the Xlider videos you propel yourself like Blading, but as your not attached to the Xlider boards this opens various additional tricks.

You can find further info over at xlider.eu, found via the Gizoo blog.

3 thoughts on “Xlider another Boarding Phenomenon”

  1. Well the Xlider has now offically launched in the UK and you can visit the UK xlider site at www,xlider.co.uk

    The xlider is a brillant design and so easy to use, even if you struggle with boarding or skating you will be amazed at how quickley you learn to ride the Xlider. Be the coolest in town and get your pair quickley!

    Send us your comments here and at myxlider@xlider.co.uk and we will give you a 10% discount on your order!

    Rip it up, find your freedom!

  2. I have been riding skateboards and castorboards (e.g., The Wave, Ripstik) for years. Xliders are trully the next generation of carving machine. Very fluid. Very flexible. Very fun. Get them.

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