Duck Shooting Gallery relieves stress


duck-shooting-gallery.jpgFrayed nerves at the workplace is an everyday occurence as the virtual and real-life inbox seem to pile up with more documents than you can process. Working in a prolonged stressful environment can lead to detrimental health effects in the long run, and hence this is where the Duck Shooting Gallery comes in. Relive your childhood memories at a fun fair with this desktop toy and loosen up those tense muscles in the process. Of course, you won’t get much relaxation if you keep on missing them birds and raising your blood pressure in the process.

The Duck Shooting Gallery comes with a laser gun which is used to fire at the ducks that wander across the scene. Of course, they do all the normal stuff ducks do just like hiding behind static targets in order to frustrate you further. Casualties drop dead and are resurrected after a while, so you will never run out of ducks to shoot at. An LED counter keeps track of your score, and the entire toy comes with special gun effects and barely listenable carnival music.

The higher you rake up your score, the faster the ducks will go. This situation is not helped as the music beats increase by a notch to keep your adrenaline pumping. The shooting gallery is powered by four D batteries while the gun itself runs on a couple of AA batteries. There are no prizes for overcoming your personal best, but at least it keeps your mind off the 500-page report which is due yesterday.

Source: Ubergizmo

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