Fart A Phone, Record Your Own


Fart-A-PhoneIt might just be my childish sense of humour but I thought this was quite funny, the fartaphone key ring, your own personal fart recorder.

Now you can savor and share the sound of your farts. When you’re about to let rip press the “Record Fart” button and any bottom burps will be recorded (well apart from SBD’s (Silent But Deadly)). Then when you go down the pub you can play your best farts back to all your mates (which I’m sure will really impress them).

As the recorder only captures audible aspect of a fart (thankfully) any playbacks should be safe from the fart detector we seriously reported on.

If you fancy farting on your hand and need a handicap when pulling women you can get the Fartaphone for $6.99

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